'Fields of Care' Quarterly Magazine

Introducing ‘Fields of Care’ a quarterly magazine brought to you by the Experts in Rural Medicine! This magazine is intended to capture the sights and sounds of the incredible work being done by our providers and the rural hospitals we partner with, and provide visibility into the latest updates, news, and relevant topics in the industry and throughout Rural Physicians Group (RPG)!

Dear Dr. Abby

Introducing “Dear Dr. Abby” – A dedicated space in our magazine to all things wellness and something Abby considers advice from your “loving big sis.”. The column will showcase questions from “you”, the readers, with a compassionate response along with a dash of clinical expertise to support our advice. Submit your question(s) today and you just might see them answered in our next issue!

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Career Opportunities

If you have considered practicing rural hospital medicine, Rural Physicians Group is an attractive career path.

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