Hear from hospitals and doctors that support the Rural Physicians Group mission.

In healthcare, there is no greater endorsement than one from a peer who has walked a mile in your shoes. Hear from physicians, surgicalists, and hospital CEO partners who have experienced the Rural Physicians Group difference in their lives.

I had full autonomy over patient care, work flexibility and great compensation. The work was fulfilling and it gave me an opportunity to dictate my schedule while at the same time provide excellent patient care in areas which usually are underserved – this only adds to the job satisfaction. I highly recommend RPG to anyone out of either residency or fellowship who are looking at ways to have immediate impact in a positive way.

Dr. Faraaz Osmani, RPG Hospitalist

I’ve had a fantastic experience with RPG from day one. The RPG support staff is exceptional with timely and expert responses to all my billing and scheduling questions. They made credentialing a breeze and ensured that I received proper onboarding prior to seeing patients. They ask for feedback often and are committed to eliminating any administrative headaches so you can focus on caring for patients. The communities served are grateful for your care and you are compensated generously which makes the entire arrangement very rewarding, I wish I would have found RPG years ago!

Dr. Lee Church, RPG Hospitalist

Since instituting this successful service, Estes Park Health has seen a 21% growth in Inpatient Care and our ambulance transfers to other hospitals is down. The Hospitalists have allowed the hospital to keep more patients in their community for care.

Lisa Taylor, Estes Park Health

In addition to an excellent personal encounter, based on chart review alone, I would like to advise you that you are getting excellent service from your Hospitalist group (RPG). They are deserving of recognition.

Dr. Edminster

I was a Private Practitioner in rural Nevada and admitted my own patients. Rural Physicians Group gave me my life back! They took great care of my patients and my patients were happy!

Tim Hockenberry M.D.

We implemented Rural Physicians Group Hospitalist Program in February 2011 and it has truly been a turning point for Humboldt General Hospital–positively impacting the culture of the hospital in collaborative care and responsiveness to patient and community needs while producing a substantial Return on Investment.

Jim Parrish, CEO

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