We enhance surgical care of rural communities, locally.

Rural Physicians Group was launched with a hospitalist program, but we’ve evolved to also employ a network of experienced surgeons to provide dedicated surgical care to underserved rural hospitals and communities in America. RPG surgeons work within the hospital on emergent/urgent care patients, allowing for more dedicated availability and scheduling. Our surgeons not only do acute care, but also run clinic while they’re on site.

Key Benefits


Healthy compensation

In addition to a competitive daily stipend, our surgeons are entitled to 92% collections through our own billing service. In other words, you keep what you earn as a surgeon.

Location Independence

No relocation required! During your hospital shift, you will stay on-site for the duration of your assignment, and then return home to be with your family. It’s truly unparalleled work-life balance.

Flexible Schedule

Our model provides personalized opportunities and schedules that balance your personal needs and our continuity of care model. In fact, you can work full-time or part-time, with as many shifts as you want. You get to shape your own career and schedule.

Professional Autonomy & Collegial Relationships

In your assignment as a rural surgeon, you are the primary leadership voice in surgery. Though you are the leadership voice, there is a shared responsibility among the hospital to provide better outcomes. You’re the quarterback, but you’ll have the support of the team.

Dedicated Stability

Unlike the fleeting locum tenens model, our surgeons are a part of hospital teams, providing care through teamwork and continuity. And, in doing so, you truly do become part of the hospital and local community.

Support a Healthy Work/Life Balance

We truly do care about offering our surgeons an alternative to their current workload. When you join our team, you can live the life you always wanted, and earn a healthy compensation for doing so.

Medical Malpractice Insurance

As a Rural Physicians Group surgeon, our team will pay for your malpractice insurance.

Healthier Communities

The bottom line: We want surgeons who are passionate about elevating patient care in rural America, as well as hospitals’ operational and financial performance. We invite you to partner with us to make a positive impact in the communities we serve.


If you're a Board Certified/Board Eligible physician and are interested in exploring if Rural Physicians Group is the right fit for you and your career, please contact us. Our recruitment team will contact you very soon to discuss full- and part-time opportunities.

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