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General Surgery Program

From No Outpatient Surgery to 30 Per Month

In a remote town of fewer than 6,000 residents, a rural hospital asked Rural Physicians Group to look into the benefits of introducing an in-house General Surgery Program at the hospital. A critical component of the RPG client promise is to always be upfront and transparent with hospitals about the impact we can make on their hospital, patients and community—so we conducted a financial model to project the requisite volume to support a general surgery program.

Coming to RPG without an outpatient surgery program at all (the hospital only had Emergent General Surgery prior to RPG), the financial model revealed that this rural hospital would need roughly 2.5 cases per week (10 per month) to pay for the RPG program. With this lofty projection in mind, the hospital engaged RPG for a general surgery program.

First 12 Months

Total clinic patients
Total surgery eligible pts
Total surgical procedures
Clinic conversion rate
Avg. monthly surgery procedures

The results have been nothing short of remarkable. With a minimal objective of at least 10 cases/month, the RPG general surgery program is currently averaging roughly 30 cases per month—more than 3x the number needed to support the RPG model! More importantly, patients are being seen locally, and the community knows it can go to the local hospital in those moments of urgency.

If your hospital is interested in learning more about our General Surgery Programs or want us to conduct a similar financial model for your hospital, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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