This is the way rural hospital medicine should be.

Rural Physicians Group provides rural hospitals with full-time, dedicated physicians to achieve continuity of care and improved patient outcomes.

We are on a mission to help rural hospitals meet the needs of the people they serve, and we are actively recruiting passionate physicians, hospitalists, and surgicalists to bring this mission to life. Together, we are enhancing lives and strengthening communities to ensure that those living in rural areas get the hospital care they deserve. Our expansive network of passionate, experienced hospitalists and surgicalists works full-time to solve the healthcare crisis in rural communities, partnering with hospitals to offer continuity of care and improved patient outcomes.

Learn more about how we’re helping rural patients stay close to home for care. How we’re creating lasting patient/physician relationships. And how we’re offering an extraordinary health solution to more than 50 million Americans who are counting on us.


Dr. Faraaz Osmani, RPG Hospitalist

I had full autonomy over patient care, work flexibility and great compensation. The work was fulfilling and it gave me an opportunity to dictate my schedule while at the same time provide excellent patient care in areas which usually are...

Dr. Lee Church, RPG Hospitalist

I’ve had a fantastic experience with RPG from day one. The RPG support staff is exceptional with timely and expert responses to all my billing and scheduling questions. They made credentialing a breeze and ensured that I received proper...

Lisa Taylor, Estes Park Health

Since instituting this successful service, Estes Park Health has seen a 21% growth in Inpatient Care and our ambulance transfers to other hospitals is down. The Hospitalists have allowed the hospital to keep more patients in their community for....

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