Rural Physicians Group is a mission-driven, forward-thinking hospitalist solution to the healthcare crisis facing rural communities across the United States.

Leveraging our expansive network of licensed, experienced hospitalists, we provide rural hospitals with full-time, dedicated physicians to achieve continuity of care and improve patient outcomes for rural communities across the country. If you have considered practicing rural hospital medicine, Rural Physicians Group is an attractive career path.

Compensation Based on Daily Stipend & Professional Billing

Flexible Scheduling

Excellent Work Life Balance

Relocation Not Required


Our network of experienced hospitalists is growing rapidly, primarily because our physicians truly believe in our mission to provide dedicated care to underserved rural hospitals and communities in America.

The Rural Physicians Group is an attractive alternative to serving as a hospitalist at large, tertiary or city hospitals. We offer:

Leave the rigid “seven on/seven off” schedule. Rural Physicians Group offers individualized schedules that balance your personal needs and our continuity of care model. Full-time or part-time—work as many shifts as you want. You determine your work/life balance.

In addition to a competitive daily stipend, our physicians collect billings directly through our professional billing service. You keep what you earn.

Stay on-site at the hospital for the duration of your assignment, and then return home to be with your family. No relocation!

In rural hospitals, you are the primary clinical leadership voice that leads the hospital staff and determines treatment plans—you are the quarterback and an integral part of the leadership team. Work at the top of your license.

Unlike the Locum Tenens model, our hospitalists are a part of core teams that provide quality care through teamwork and continuity. You become part of the fabric of the hospital and local community. It truly is the best of both worlds.

Advance in your career through a path that offers the opportunity to serve as a Chief Hospitalist at a single location, Regional Medical Director over multiple locations, or even Chief Medical Officer.

Do what matters, live the life you always wanted, and earn a healthy compensation.

Rural Physicians Group covers the cost of your malpractice insurance.

The Rural Physicians Group model is a roadmap that revitalizes hospitals and elevates their quality of patient care, as well as their operational and financial performance. We invite you to partner with us to make a positive impact in the communities we serve.

If you’re a Board Certified/Board Eligible Family Medicine/Internal Medicine Hospitalist and are interested in becoming part of the Rural Physicians Group team, then complete the form below and someone from our team will be in touch shortly.


After joining the Rural Physicians Group and completing our physician assessment process, we work with you to find hospitals and schedules that fit your needs. Typically, you will be one of 3 or 4 rotating full-time hospitalists that provide care. As the sole hospitalist on the clock during your shift, you will be on call 24-hours during your assignment, staying on site in comfortable quarters.

Rural Physicians Group provides physicians with a competitive daily stipend, with the other key source of your compensation coming directly from patient billings. At Rural Physicians Group, you keep what you earn. This is one of the most attractive aspects of our model. And as an independent contractor, you can take advantage of the tax benefits to owning your own business, without the burden of typical overhead costs.

When your shift is over, you return to your home and family and enjoy the freedom that comes with the Rural Physicians Group model. You can work as many shifts as you want.


Many of our hospitalists have come to Rural Physicians Group directly from a Locum Tenens environment. While there are similarities to Locum Tenens—independent contractor, attractive compensation, flexible scheduling—the differences are significant and critical to understand.

Rural Physicians Group offers long-term stability that Locum Tenens jobs simply cannot. In many ways, our model is the best of both worlds, where you can make your own schedule and reliably maintain stability.

With this stability comes community engagement and appreciation. Many of our physicians stay at the same hospital for years, becoming a true member of the community.

More and more small-town hospitals are seeking out Rural Physicians Group as the solution to their long-term financial health. You will be empowered to revitalize the medical capabilities of the hospital by keeping care in the community.

Focus on rural medicine. If you prefer a hands-on, personal approach to care, then you will fall in love with practicing at rural hospitals.


If you’re a Board Certified/Board Eligible Family Medicine/Internal Medicine Hospitalist or Surgicalist and are interested in exploring if Rural Physicians Group is the right fit for you and your career, please fill out the adjacent form. Our recruitment team will contact you very soon to discuss full- and part-time opportunities.

Additionally, you can always call us or email us directly if you prefer.

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