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Increased Satisfaction

Patients, family members, community physicians and hospital staff are encouraged to call RPG Hospitalists 24/7 - even after discharge.

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Improved Safety/Quality

RPG Hospitalists are available/accessible 24/7 improving safety, quality and the continuity of care

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RPG Hospitalists are immediately available by cell phone and stay on-site - able to respond in seconds to physician, patient, family and staff needs.

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Continuity of Care

The same 3-4 RPG hospitalist physicians rotate through the hospital in 7-10 day shifts.

Todd Kravetz, MD, Chief of Staff & Clinic Medical Director, Wickenburg Community Hospital

talks about the advantages of partnering with Rural Physicians Group…
“RPG ┬áprovided a seamless transition that is cohesive and clear and makes the whole system work better”

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